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Tutto Passa Cap


Limited edition 100% organic cotton cap with ‘TUTTO PASSA’ embroidery.

Colors: Ecru and Navy

Adjustable back strap.

This cap was made in collaboration with Querida Studio. Our friend Marc Sancho – co-founder of the studio – told me once an old fable that we’ve often reminded throughout our friendship.

It’s about an ancient king who asked his wisemen to engrave some words in a special ring that would help him in difficult moments. Just when the ring was done the kingdom was attacked by their enemies and when everything seemed hopeless the King looked at the ring’s words that said: “This too shall pass.”

Suddenly, the King found new hope out of nowhere and fought back with everything he had. His unexpected strength inspired his men to fight like never before. Soon, the tide of the battle turned and they won.

The King returned to his city and threw a massive celebration. That night during the great feast, the wisemen told him to look at the ring again.

“This too shall pass.”

So this cap should always remind you to find light in the hopeless moments and to fully enjoy the good ones.



MAKE AN IMPACT WITH YOUR PURCHASE - We donate 1% of our profits to Foundawtion, learn more here. Support this project that generates positive values through education, design and architecture.


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We guarantee all our products because we prioritize durability so you can enjoy your Ölend for many years.


The best about being a small company is that you can talk directly to us. We are here for you if you have any question.

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Luginbühl

The order came pretty quickly and the products are amazing. Thank you!

( 1 ) WHAT WE DO

We started this adventure 9 years ago. Adriana and Fran met each other filming a short film in Barcelona and they started dreaming about having their own brand. One day Fran found this 'Do your own backpack' course on Internet, we are kind of this DIY people. After Adriana posted her fist backpack on IG we started receiving orders from our friends. We created a Facebook page and our living room became our first atelier.

The brand started to grow and grow, we were so happy! Our products were on showcases and on the streets. Then Antonio and Juan -Fran's childhood friends- became part of the company and since then we've been working hard to get our mission done:

"To create the best possible experience for our clients through exploring better ways of sustainability, further ways of functionality and longer lasting products. The perfect tool for the modern explorer like you are."

( 2 ) HOW WE DO IT

We design and test our backpacks in Barcelona since late 2012. We believe in your project thats why we design accessories for the real city adventurer, inspired by the spirit of the mountaineers and from the 40’s and 50’s.

We strongly believe we, as part of this planet, need to do our best to keep it safe.

- Small productions

- High quality products

- Durable and timeless designs

- Fair conditions

- Search for sustainable materials.

( 3 ) WHY WE DO IT

Ölend is our personal project and we know how important is yours. We want to contribute by offering a range of accessories to help you succeed in your mission.

We are passionated young entrepreneurs in Barcelona loving to design your favorite accessories.


Designed for the real city adventurer.

Tutto Passa Cap

  • Can I return an order?

    It's easy! Contact Ölend - before returning any items and we'll get back to you ASAP with the next steps.

    You can return the product within 14 days of delivery. The product must be in new condition. To avoid any customs charges please clearly mark the package ‘Returned Goods’.

  • Can I switch to another product?

    Sure! You can do that, just contact us

  • Can I wash my backpack?

    If you have a fabric backpack you can wash it with warm water, mild soap and a soft brush. Make sure you avoid leather and iron pieces.
    If you wish to clean a leather backpack, please take it to a professional cleaner. Some leather stores carry different lines of products to protect your backpack from water and dirt.