Our mission is to create the best possible experience for our clients through exploring better ways of sustainability, further ways of functionality and longer lasting products. The perfect tool for the modern explorer like you are.

Our closest friends were our first customers after Adriana, our creative director posted on Instagram the very first one she made. They loved it and we kept doing it as a hobby for some months. Its going to sound like cliché, but at that time we were making them in our own apartment (we did not have a garage, but almost) and we used to welcome buddies to discuss about the needs for their customized backpack.


We are Ölend and we make backpacks and objects.


Ölend began as a passion project between Adriana and Fran, who met while filming in Barcelona. From there, they discovered a DIY backpack course and started creating their own designs, which quickly caught the attention of friends and strangers alike. The demand for their products grew, and Ölend was born. Then Antonio and Juan -Fran's childhood friends- became part of the company.

From our first backpack made in our living room to the showcases and streets where our products are sold today, we remain committed to creating the best possible experience for our clients.

( 2 ) HOW WE DO IT

We design and test our backpacks in Barcelona since late 2012. We believe in your project, thats why we design accessories for the real city adventurer, inspired by the spirit of the mountaineers from the 40’s and 50’s.

We strongly believe we, as part of this planet, need to do our best to keep it safe. This is how we help:

- Small productions

- High quality products

- Durable and timeless designs

- Fair conditions

- Search for sustainable materials (Air Collection)

- 100% Sustainable packaging

- Donating 1% of our bennefits to Foundawtion

( 3 ) WHAT WE DO

Ölend is not just a brand, but a philosophy that embodies our commitment to creating exceptional products. Our focus is on producing backpacks and accessories that are durable and timeless to inspire and empower the modern explorer. We want to offer you the tools you need to thrive in your adventures, while reducing our impact on our planet.