From November 2021 Ölend contributes with 1% of the annual benefits to support the activities on Foundawtion.  

Foundawtion is a not-for-profit organisation with the social purpose of ‘working in the framework of cooperation, in helping development and in social action, providing assistance in matters relating to construction, physical, environmental and social infrastructure, housing, the environment, urban planning, education, design and architecture.’

Since the beginning of Ölend we've strive to be a responsible brand by supporting small and local business and by designing a good and timeless product. But we feel we can do more, and we've discovered Foundawtion through our friends Marc Morro and Pepi de Boissieu. We love the project and feel connected to their values.


Project CEM KAMANAR - Foto de Coke Bartrina



To complete projects that meet architectural needs in less-favoured economic areas.


To complete projects that meet design needs at social level.


To share knowledge and generate educational projects
in areas where the foundation operates.


To invigorate communities and create different futures from the spheres
of architectural intervention, design and education.


To generate positive value changes in the society, resulting from
the means provided by architecture, design and education.



     Project CEM KAMANAR - Foto de Claudia Mauriño 

    The Foundawtion board members are David García, architect and founding trustee, Pepi de Boissieu, institutional relationships, Luis García, lawyer, Carmen Revilla, president and media officer, Lluís Morón, resources and logistics, Marc Morro, furniture design, and Javi Royo, head of education.



    (1) Quality
    Respect and Local Integration
    Understanding the reality of the place where action is taken and involving the local community in the architectural, design or educational endeavours.


    (2) Support
    Providing material support for the actions undertaken in the community where we implement our projects.


    (3) Exchange
    Promoting an exchange of experiences and cultures between the place where we come from and the place where we operate (regarding African projects, between Africa and Europe). Believing that this is a two-way experience, both for the volunteers that travel to the areas where we work, and for the local people in the project area.


    (4) Communication
    Establishing two-way lines of communication regarding project development.


    (5) Equality
    Equality at all levels is one of our values. Above all, with regards to equal opportunities. We strive so that the female communities in the countries where we operate have a greater role, more independence and empowerment.


    (6) Development 
    The purpose of all the Foundawtion operations is to develop the community as a whole, paying special attention to the most vulnerable in these communities (e.g., children and women).




    More information: foundawtion.org