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Ona Soft Bag
Cute in photos, not so much IRL

It’s a nice bag but take into consideration that the loop knots on each side detangle often, and the bag arrives very wrinkly.

The biggest disappointment was that in the checkout, there’s no mention of the customs costs. I paid 20€ for UPS express shipping (which was the only option available) and then had to pay another 52€ to receive it from the delivery person.
I understand Ölend is not responsible for each country’s customs rules, but it would have been nice to see an overview that shows how much it actually costs to obtain the bag. Ultimately I paid x1.5 for the bag. I would not buy it again.


Thanks for sharing. We are sorry to hear this. When ordering from countries outside the EU, you may need to pay import tax and custom clearance according to local rules. If you have any doubt, we will be happy to assist you at :)

Stylish bag with a lot of space, but the quality seems not that good

The bag is nice, definitely an eye catcher, but for the price, it does not seem high quality. The handles are filled with foamy stuff that kind of deflated on several spots after wearing it for a few times. I expected maybe a bit more. Would be nice to have more pockets inside.

Some of the seams on the straps have already come undone after one week, and only being used twice. The draw strings don’t hold if you have a heavy item in like a laptop and the magnet is not strong enough to keep it closed. This bag is for very light things not as advertised. Considering the price it is a rip off, something I would expect to pay more more than £20 for.

Hi! Sorry to hear that, if you are experiencing some problems with your bag, please email us at, so we can help you. Thanks!

Ona Soft Bag
優奈 太尾田

Ona Soft Bag

MiniOna Soft Bag
Manasse Los

What more could you want from a bag

Cutest bag ever!

This crossbag seems small but it fits a lot. I am able to put my wallet, keys, small hand sanitizer, and my water bottle. The straps fluff moved around so I usually have to refluff it for even distribution.
Overall, it’s an amazing everyday to go bag.
Plan on getting another color soon!

Ona Soft Bag
Iva Kordic

Ona Soft Bag

Cousteau Backpack
Andy Close
Cousteau backpack - serious durability issues.

Impressed initially until the zip on the first pack snapped.

Was promptly sent a replacement but within a few months the bottom seam has started to unravel. It's been carrying a laptop and a flask around once a week so it hasn't been up a mountain!

Again, prompt customer service but want me to repair and send them a bill, when I just want to send everything back and get refunded. I've lost complete confidence that this product can withstand even mild use and for ,£100+ this is unacceptable.

I advise you to read the reviews of their other products, durability comes up time and time again.

Buy one if you want your kit to not be in it by the time you reach your destination or want to be looking for a new pack in 3 months! (Which is what I'm having to do) 😥

Taco Bag
Sophia Tengelmann
perfect match for basic outfits

i am in love with my taco bag in orange :) as I do not wear a lot of colour, this piece is the perfect addition to every outfit. also the size is perfect to fit in everything you need for a stroll through the city including sunglasses, a little camera, portemonnaie, phone, lipstick etc - recommend 10/10

Love this bag.

Amazing! Perfect for work, school, travel, and everyday life.

I really love my Ölend Ona Bag! It has the right size to put everything in I need in my daily life. I have the color “navy” and I really like how it looks both classic and chic at a time. 💙

i love it

This bag is light and can store a lot.
I lpve it❤️

Ona Soft Bag
井上 温那

Ona Soft Bag

Cousteau Backpack
Naomi White
Nice and light

Really comfortable

MiniOna Soft Bag

Love the colour

Ona Soft Bag
Anson Au
Ona soft bag (sand)


Ona Soft Bag
Bilyana Palankasova
Not worth it

While looking really cute and could fit a lot of things, this bad is made from super cheap materials, low quality make and looks and feels cheap. Very disappointing considering the price. More infuriatingly, the return (from UK) costs £20 meaning it cost me £30 (plus the delivery) to order this and return it. How their deal as a business with UPS is more expensive than me sending something of the same size with UPS to Spain is a mystery. Contacted customer service and received a one line stock response. Don’t bother with this, you could buy a significantly better product for not that much more or just go for a UNIQLO bag of the same quality for half the price.

Hi Bilyana,

Thank you for your comment. We are very sorry you feel this way about your purchase. We are always happy to help if you have any doubts. We have all the information regarding our returns is available on our website to check in advance. We are a small brand, and we work very hard to give the best service while always being transparent.

Warm regards,

Ona Soft Bag
Lucas Jung

Ona Soft Bag

SPU 1431
Renato Espirito Santo
Cool bag

It's a really cool bag and it meets my expectations, I'm happy with the purchase. However, it has a very strong smell that hasn't gone away yet, I hope it gets better with time.

Ona Soft Bag
Carla Donnelly
beautiful but not practical

Love the design and the construction. However the straps just dont work. They slip off my shoulders, in both regular and backpack mode. And the straps are just not long enough to wear crossbody which is how I usually like wearing it. Really disappointed.

Hi Carla,

Thank you for sharing your opinion. We are sorry to hear this, but really hope you can still enjoy using your Ona :)

We are happy to help if you need anything at

Great colour, lightweight, perfect for laptop.

Additional duty fees were quite high but love this bag

Ona Soft Bag
Chie Achilles
I love this bag

I purchase for my self and my niece.
We love it😍
Light weight and cute color it’s perfect .


The construction on this bag is TRAGIC. The stitches are coming out all over the bag due to the stitches being way too large and not being secured/ ends left loose. Because of this, the straps fell off and I had to resew them myself. Then a few weeks later the metal clips snapped in half (not to mention the paint on the clips chipped within the first day)!!! Very pretty bag but some of the worst construction I've seen.


We are very sorry to hear this! We are always working on improving the quality of our bags and designs. For any problem with your bag, you can reach out to us at and we will get back to you. Thank you!